Everybody thinks the main tasks of a project manager is delivering projects within time, scope, budget and quality… believe me, it is not. Within RoboRana, you need to be a team player. The project manager is the team captain, the person who needs to take his team to a higher level, the person where every team member relies on, the one who gets his team out of difficult situations.

A good project manager needs to be a chameleon, who can adapt himself to every situation. The person who can think from a customer and team perspective. Every day, I’m working for different clients with different teams, different people and for me that is the most challenging but also most interesting tasks of a project manager. Creating your own style of managing project in a way that your team wants to do the extra mile.

Off course the project needs to be delivered within scope, budget and time but every project has its own pitfalls. Your task is to cope with those pitfalls in a way that nobody noticed there was an issue.

Today, I'm looking for a new colleague. You'll find my own skills and description below. Do you believe you compliment my skills or bring new skills to the table?

Steffen De Geyter, Project manager
Delivering project within time, budget, scope and quality
Managing different teams of enthusiast young people
Gaining experience in a lot of different environments
Be a problem solver
Attention to detail
What turns me off
Inflexible work environments
Limited career opportunities
Stringent hierarchy

In a nutshell

Project manager
4+ years
Kontich or Ghent
Budget & time management
Critical thinking
Risk management

We already have one Steffen and we don’t need his twin. Come and tell us who you are and let's talk Intelligent Automation!