Are virtual employees a part of the new normal in the public sector?

Struggling with manual, repetitive and sometimes time-consuming tasks within your organization? Have you already heard of virtual robots that can help you but is this still unknown territory? Then the Why, How and What webinar on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is worth watching!

RPA has been a hot item in the automation market since 2015-2016. According to Gartner, RPA is a crucial part of the larger trend towards Hyperautomation, referring to a general approach and principle to identify and then automate as many business processes as possible.

Although RPA has become an unmistakable part of many companies' automation strategies, there is still a lot of confusion about what robot automation really is and what this technology can do for the organization or their clients.

In this webinar, Onur Pamuk, a RoboRana expert, will tell you more about the benefits of RPA automations through real-life use cases within the public sector such as VDAB, Port of Antwerp, City of Leuven and Hasselt and more. As part of our partnership with UiPath, Andreas Belschner provided some additional interesting insights.

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