How to combine AI and RPA 🚀 Free webinar

Brainjar ( and RoboRana are proud to announce their partnership, which is born with the aim of succesfully intertwining RPA and AI. In this webinar, we show you the ropes of actual cases where the two play together.

The last couple of years, RoboRana focused mostly on process automation with RPA and BPM, which has already proven its worth in a lot of organizations. It leads to reduced costs, increased efficiency and fewer mistakes. However, this approach realizes only a fraction of what could possibly be achieved. Therefore, the time has come to look beyond RPA and combine complementary technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to augment business processes.

By combining the power of RPA with Brainjar's intelligent document processing platform,, we want to show you what could actually be done by combining them. Instead of just talking about buzzwords such as hyperautomation, we want to show you what the actual results are. Watch our webinar to find out our approach and see real cases and demos. 🦾

Deevid De Meyer: Deevid is one of the founders of Brainjar, an applied machine learning company. Deevid is a computer scientist, with a deep love for artificial intelligence. He is an evangelist for both novice and more advanced AI amateurs and experts, with a knowledge of both the history, present and future of AI.

Ruben Vermaercke: Ruben is Robotics Team Lead at RoboRana, with expertise ranging from RPA to the other puzzle pieces of Hyperautomation. Ruben is a true jack-of-all-trades, constantly looking for ways to optimize processes.

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