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As a Belgian-based company, Agristo has quickly grown into a global leader in the supply of frozen potato products. Today, the company serves clients in 130 countries with a fleet of 41,000 trucks. Many of Agristo’s customers are located across Europe, as well as in the United Kingdom.

However, when the UK voted to exit the European Union, several new regulations were established for companies doing business in and with the UK. Under these new conditions, the task of completing customs declaration forms became critical. Simply put, Agristo had to get it right, or their trucks couldn’t enter the UK.

Due to these new regulations, employees found themselves mired in many critical but manual tasks. The company values its employees and strives to work as one team with one common goal and, most importantly, to have fun while doing it. Taking care of this repetitive and manual task was only putting non-value-adding work on their plates, so Agristo looked for a way to free up their time.


Ultimately, RoboRana helped the company deploy a Blue Prism digital workforce to support its staff and meet post-Brexit compliance standards. Today, the virtual workforce helps manage an automatic document flow that eliminates the need to print documentation and avoids the risk of trucks leaving their base without the necessary documentation.

With a digital workforce, not only was Agristo able to comply with the new regulations on time, one of their trucks was the first to drive into the UK post-Brexit. Put in numbers, the digital workers ensure that Agristo can properly complete customs declaration forms for 1,000 trucks every month.


Agristo’s goal was to gain business efficiency while improving employees’ daily work experiences. At the same time, they wanted to handle the pressures — of which the company had little control — which still existed outside the business. With this digital workforce, Agristo is able to comply with these new regulations on time, while also increasing employee happiness and efficiency.

"This solution is helping our employees to do more intelligent work. We can carve out the less interesting things that no one wants to do," Martijn Mennen, CIO.


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