Power VI

Power Virtual Agents

The Microsoft Power platform provides end-to-end business solutions to drive innovation across your whole organization. Moreover, the platform gives everyone the ability to create solutions with no coding experience required. By connecting the four Microsoft Power components, you can realize untapped value you could not access before.

With Virtual Agents, we can co-create and manage powerful chatbots - no coding or AI expertise required. At RoboRana, we can easily integrate your chatbots with the products and services you use every day. For instance, we can build custom workflows using Power Automate or create other, more complex scenarios to lighten your workload.

The Virtual Agents tool gives us the capability to build smarter bots. We can create rich, personalized conversations with their natural language understanding and entity extraction. Moreover, the AI and data-driven insights indicate how you can improve your chatbot's performance. At RoboRana, we can make sure that your chatbot is connected to all other automation aspects, ensuring a comprehensive intelligent automation flow.

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