Microsoft Power Platform

Why low-code process automation?

Every organisation, both public and private, have many so-called 'intermediate processes'. These are often manual and repetitive processes that are unmanageable and expensive to automate with custom software. On top of that the corona crisis made it clear that digitalisation is imminent. So let's act now!

With the low-code Power platform of Microsoft, you get a digital toolbox that allows you to build state-of-art applications and automate workflows quickly & inexpensively. This platform allows organisations to create the future of work where processes are flexible, efficient and enable human-in-the-loop.

RoboRana as a Low Code Process Automation ecosystem offers full support for companies to start their digital (re)evolutions. We advise your organisation to start with low code platforms and align people, strategy and technology.

What are the key take-aways from this whitepaper?

  • What is the Microsoft Power Platform and the difference with classic software development.
  • Get to know the different components within the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Discover concrete use cases for inspiration.
  • How to govern the platform and scale your low code CoE .

Want to learn more about Microsoft Power Platform and discover how it can help your organisation in your next digital steps?

Download the Cronos whitepaper here.

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