Our mission at RoboRana is to help our customers becoming even better at what they do. How does our Process Automation Technology allow a chocolate factory to produce a better product for their customers or even how can we help the police department being able to focus on catching crooks more efficiently?

This is the driver for our success, which starts at the very first sales touch point and is being confirmed when the project is delivered. As RoboRana’s business developer, I’m getting energy from each promise and its outcome. Both towards the customer as to our team, who’s tasked with this very delivery. No ‘I’ in team, it’s cheesy but we really do live it.

When I’m not calling, negotiating or meeting with customers or prospects, I’m most likely writing. Content sales is a major driver in our strategy. First breathe the technology, then sell. I understand my customer’s needs in every stage of the sales cycle and know that offering the content that meets their needs will help me close the deal.

Today, we find our company in an exciting and rapid transformation from focusing on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). IPA, or often called Hyper Automation, is a relatively new and broad market with multiple exciting partnerships. In our team, we have some of the brightest minds focusing on this stack of technologies. I’m looking for a business development manager to work side by side with me and provide intelligent solutions for our existing and future customers.

Mathias Fransen, Business Developer
Bringing value to customers
Challenging my comfort zone
Being challenged myself
Collaborating with team of experts
What turns me off
Stringent hierarchy
Inflexable work environments
Meeting cultures

In a nutshell

Business Developer
3-10 years
Kontich, Ghent, Leuven and the road of opportunities
NL + EN + FR
Strategic prospecting
Active listening
Lead qualification
Content selling
Relationship building
Technology knowledge
Writing qualitative proposals

Let’s do this together!